How To Obtain A Wordpress Api Key For The Akismet Wordpress Tool

Site backup isn’t sexiest online business topic. Wouldn’t you rather read about smart sales methods or cool plugins that help get more traffic? But, the fact is you could, due to no fault of your own and without warning, lose your entire or some of the WordPress site. And when that happens, the only two options: start over or reinstall everything through your backups.

Sometimes be challenging to seen the instructions and implement them as you read. Is actually also much easier if get a video tutorial which you can watch and follow along with the own tempo. wpbloglab learn much easier by watching than different. Every time I install a new wordpress plugin, I create a movie that records the entire process. An individual watches my video is actually possible to very easy for them stick to along and install the plugin, then the video shows them the way to configure the plugin.

This SEO feature could be activated with only a few simple tasks. Most people who use Wordpress don’t activate characteristic after installing their Wordpress blog.

Find the plugins at or do a Google search for each with the above plug ins. If I am looking dealt with . type of plugin It’s my job to do a Google search by “keyword” and then “WordPress wordpress theme extension.” I always visit the authors site for the plugin and instructions exactly how to to use the plugin.

The trackback feature for a part of WordPress is excellent accessory for invest back in. The way it works is if choose to link an article of yours to a post of some other one who also uses WordPress, a comment can made on the inside other one person post, compliments of wordpress plugin blogs.

When obtain one you are interested in, you can click on either “details” or “install now.” Clicking on “details” bring up a screen which will give you more about what the plugin does, and FAQ, how often times it’s been downloaded, developed . on.

Option two assumes that you have already downloaded the theme anything to draw on. In this case you have to have to opt for the Upload option that shortly find available under the ‘Install Themes’ tab. An individual have selected the Upload option plus it really can want to browse to the theme file you downloaded and select it. (Yes WordPress can also unzip the file which. How’s that for site!) Then it is solely a a couple of clicking ‘Install Now’ and let WordPress go to town.