Exporting and Importing in India

As many industry is trying to go organic – from foods, home building, beauty products, paper, clothing, and even the offices – the fashion industry is trying to utilize eco friendly materials such as fibers and cloths made from natural sources such as bamboo, organic cotton, or corn. Compared PERFORMANCE FABRIC with the mainstream counterparts, eco friendly apparels are good for the environment because they are made up of materials that were grown naturally, without the aid and application of harmful chemicals such as pesticides (which damage the environment and are harmful to the workers who are applying them to the plants). After the production of the fabric, the textiles are sometimes being treated by dyes to supply color to the cloth. These chemicals may also be harmful to the workers and the environment. Some examples of these chemicals are ammonia and formaldehyde, which are being used to process the fabrics during manufacture. These chemicals are known carcinogens. The production of ecologically friendly fabrics through the use of cotton, wool, bamboo, or hemp that were grown with very minimal or completely no pesticides and fertilizers are increasingly being supported by proponents of environmental safety.

It is not surprising then that more and more people are being drawn to organic products. Even in women’s apparel. Naturally, what is good for the environment is good for humankind as a whole. However, even the fiercest advocates of the green movement concur that buying such ecologically friendly products may cost more than those products, e.g., clothing, that are made from more traditional sources of raw materials. Organic cotton is definitely more costly and expensive to grow and produce than traditional cotton. The location, from which the cotton will be grown, the ecology and climate of the area, will also play a large part in the final cost of using this material to produce fabrics and textiles that will pass as eco friendly. If this can be resolved, the already steep interest in the eco friendly industry could be piqued more to include even the less industrialized and progressive countries of the world. Everyone must indeed take part in the efforts to save the environment from the gradual destruction it has been suffering from the hands of man. It is time for us to give back to nature and respect our mother earth.